Hydra Village - Affordable townhouses available for rent/sale in Abu Dhabi

Hydra Village is a self-sustained townhouse community offering affordable two and three bedroom townhouses in a desirable location. Hydra Village is located close to the main highway which connects Abu Dhabi and Dubai, thus making it easier for commuters to travel across the two emirates. The community is only a short drive away from Al Raha, Yas Island and the Abu Dhabi International airport.

Hydra Properties is a subsidiary of the Royal Group and was established in 2006 in Abu Dhabi. It’s CEO, Ali Saeed bin Sulayem announced the launch of Hydra village in 2007 with a plan to build 10 zones or sub-communities. The project was scaled back to quite an extent due to the global financial crisis. Plans to develop Zones 1, 2, 3 and 5 were scrapped by Hydra Properties due to financial constraints faced by the company.

Hydra Village gives its residents access to facilities like a gym, swimming pool, supermarket, laundry and playgrounds. Hydra Properties has partnered with the Abu Dhabi based company, Khidmah for property and facilities management services in its Hydra Village project.

Completed sub-communities – Zones 4 & 7:

Units in Zones 4 and 7 were completed and handed over to the owners in July 2013 after a delay of four years. These communities formed the first phase of homes to be delivered successfully. Hydra Village Zone 4 consists of 148 villas spreading over an area of 280,000 square feet and Zone 7 is built over 570,000 square feet and features 300 villas.

Work-in-progress in Zones 6 & 8:

Zones 6 and 8 in Hydra Village are still being developed and are expected to be handed over soon. As per the last published progress report by Hydra Properties in late 2013, Zones 6 and 8 were 30% and 50% complete respectively. Hydra Village Zone 6 will feature 266 villas and Hydra Village Zone 8 will feature 582 villas.