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Ejari Certification – Register your Tenancy Contract now, if you haven’t already

Ejari was an initiative taken by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), to safeguard the interests of tenants and landlords in Dubai. Ejari is an Arabic word that means “My Rent” when translated into English. The Ejari certification was made mandatory by RERA in March 2010, for all existing and new tenancy contracts to help legalize all such agreements and bring them on a common legal platform which would ensure speedy redressal of any disputes that may arise between tenants and landlords in the future.

What should tenants look for in a prospective landlord?


A lot has been said and written about what a landlord should look for in a tenant. MoneyCamel team proposes a discussion of the flip side of this question – What should tenants look for in a prospective landlord? In a property market like Dubai, which has witnessed rents shooting up in Freehold areas, and quite a few tenants being left with eviction notices in their hands in the past, it makes sense for tenants to do some landlord-screening.

How much does it cost to Register your Property in Dubai?

Property Registration fee

The Dubai Land Department announced on 26th September 2013, that it would be doubling the property registration fee from the existing 2% to 4%. Sultan Butti bin Mejren, the Director General of Dubai Land Department made the announcement and said that the increase would come into effect from 6th October 2013.

What is the maximum mortgage/home loan allowed in Dubai ?

mortgage cap dubai

The Central Bank issued a new set of mortgage regulations capping Maximum LTV, loan tenure and age, which came into effect on 28th November 2013, upon being published in the Official Gazette.

How to handle a rental dispute?

Rent Dispute Dubai

The launch of the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre was announced on 18th September 2013 under Decree No. 26 of 2013. The Centre started its operations within 60 days of the Decree being issued, in November 2013.

Regulation on Rent increase in Dubai

Rent Cap in Dubai, UAE

What is the law regarding increasing rent in Dubai?

The Dubai Government issued a Decree on 18th December 2013, regulating the increase in rentals in Dubai. Coming into effect from the date of issuance, the New Decree aimed to limit disputes between landlords and tenants by clearly defining a structure laying out the maximum percentage by which rentals can be increased when a lease contract is renewed. It ensures that the rent increase is fair and logically based on the rental index of Dubai.