Ejari Certification – Register your Tenancy Contract now, if you haven’t already

Ejari was an initiative taken by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), to safeguard the interests of tenants and landlords in Dubai. Ejari is an Arabic word that means “My Rent” when translated into English. The Ejari certification was made mandatory by RERA in March 2010, for all existing and new tenancy contracts to help legalize all such agreements and bring them on a common legal platform which would ensure speedy redressal of any disputes that may arise between tenants and landlords in the future.

If you, as a tenant or landlord have to approach the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre to obtain legal recourse for a rental dispute, one of the first documents you will be asked to present is the Ejari registered tenancy contract.

RERA requires all tenants and landlords to register their tenancy contracts through a web-based portal. The cost of registering the tenancy contract through Ejari is AED 160. The contract will have to be translated from one of the RERA-approved typing centers which charge about AED 35 for the service. There are a few online portals and real estate companies that also provide Ejari registration services at a nominal fee over and above the basic Ejari fee.

Here is a list of the documents required for registration:

  • Tenants Passport & Visa copy.
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID copy
  • Scan of the Tenancy contract
  • Most recent DEWA bill or connection receipt
  • Landlord’s Title Deed

Tenancy contracts can be registered through Ejari by either the tenant or landlord or by both parties separately. However, it is common practice for tenants to get the Ejari registration done and to bear the full cost. This has become the norm, since tenants need the Ejari certification for the following reasons:

  • To apply for UAE Visas for family members and relatives
  • To get a TV/Internet connection
  • To employ a housemaid/domestic staff
  • To obtain legal recourse in case of a dispute

In the past few years, many tenants living in Dubai have faced unreasonable rent hike demands and eviction notices from landlords. An Ejari registered contract is the first step in helping to safeguard their rights as tenants.

Visit www.ejari.ae for more information on how to register your tenancy contract today, if you haven’t already.